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Pasta Workshop:
What is included in Fresh Pasta Workshop:
  • Learn how to prepare a proper Italian dinner under our chef supervision.

  • A three curse meal, including bruschetta, fresh pasta and the most authentic Tiramisù, that you will be able to enjoy and compare it with the work of your colleagues. 

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What are the benefits:

Strong leadership  - Every team needs a leader and cooking can help improve the leadership skills of those in position. It gives leaders, an opportunity to lead by example in the kitchen since everyone looks up to and learns from them. 


Encourage creativity - Taking fresh, whole ingredients in their raw form and creating a full sit-down lunch or dinner is a creative process. When members of a team engaging in cooking together, it helps them maintain a healthy balance between prosaic tasks and tasks that encourage their creativity.


Push towards a common goal - When a team works together in a kitchen, there’s a good chance that there will be conflicts of opinion, and this could be a serious setback if not quickly resolved. Cooking promotes team building by helping members realise that though they may have different ideas, they have a common target


Aids Connection - Team building cooking is much more than cooking as it aids connection outside of work in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. It gives team members an opportunity to know each other in a personal way, and this can help strengthen the bond between them, resulting in fewer frictions in the office. 

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