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Skydiving + Drinks & Food At Our Bar:
What is included in Skydiving + drinks & Food:
  • Skydiving experience with your team

  • And to wind down after Escape room session we will serve you high quality drinks/cocktails & Italian taglieri at our bar "H4Bar".

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What are the benefits:

Fosters trust among participants - Take it from us: this ain’t no silly trust fall exercise. It’s a true trust fall — but your team will learn to trust each other in a wholly different way. This kind of trust involves vulnerability of a much more profound kind, and the happy ending of a beautiful landing sets it in cement.


Strong Bonds - A skydiving team building adventure is gonna boost morale like you’re not going to believe. It’ll foster a spirit of cooperation and community, because jumping out of a plane in short succession makes you realize, in full living color, that you’re all in this together.


Increase Vision & Focus - Team building is often about shifting perspectives on the world, on challenges, and on the people around you. In that way, no other outdoor team building activity comes close to skydiving (no indoor ones, either!)


In order to shift one’s perspective in a general sense, it’s often helpful to shift one’s perspective on oneself, right? In all the world, there is nothing like a skydive to take you out of yourselfand demonstrate in no uncertain terms how capable you are of miracles. And when you see the familiar faces around you doing the same — the effect is nothing less than transformational.


Fear Transforms - There’s no escaping it: Skydiving is scary.And that’s great — ‘cause that’s where it gets its team building superpower. It’s perfectly natural to feel fear about jumping out of a plane. But it’s pushing past all that which delivers skydiving’s rocket-fueled emotional boost — and subsequent feeling of togetherness with other participants.

Black Bold Tech CopywriterEditor Freelance Website-23.png
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