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Paintball + Drinks & Food At Our Bar
What is included in the Paintball + drinks & Food:
  • Paintball with your team 

  • And to wind down after paintball session we will serve you high quality drinks/cocktails & Italian taglieri at our bar "H4Bar".

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What are the team benefits:

Leadership - Paintball can help develop strong leadership skills. Some will lead their team and others will follow.


Relieve Stress - Stress is an incredibly negative force in the workplace. Paintball relieves stress as it is a fun and physical activity which releases endorphins which reduce stress. Paintball is a chance to get out of the office and have some fun to forget about that everlasting to-do list.


Problem Solving - Paintball is a game of strategy and tactics. You need to have a clear strategy and always think two moves ahead of your opposition.This will improve problem-solving skills in the office, as you need to constantly resolve issues, think outside the box to overcome obstacles, and determine the best way to reach your objective with a foolproof strategy.


Communication - Communication is one of the prime skills needed at work, and for success in paintball. Paintball encourages communication between teammates in order to win the game. 


Teamwork - Teamwork is key in paintball and key to thriving in business. Paintball encourages allies to work together to win the game. 


Improve Relationships - Paintball will help to build better relationships and lift team spirit. It’s a chance to have fun, get to know each other, and improve relationships. Improved relationships keep morale high, improves company culture, and increases staff retention.

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