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Escape Room + Drinks & Food At Our Bar:
What is included in Skydiving + drinks & Food:
  • Visit the vineyard and explanation of wine production process, grapes origin & characteristic traits, Portuguese wine history and differences amongst regions

  • Wine tasting including four wines (red or white) + Port wine

  • Four course meal composed by typical Portuguese appetizers, main course, second course & dessert

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What are the benefits:

Something for Everyone - Wine tasting could be an improvement on other forms of corporate events which may not be to everyone’s taste, such as sporting challenges and other activities which can easily become over-competitive.

Team Up wide-ranging portfolio covers red, white, rose and sparkling wines, so a tasting will always be tailored to your personal preferences. We will be pleased to provide a discount on wines purchased by attendees as a result of a tasting.



Educational Experience - Wine tasting provides an opportunity for guests to expand their personal knowledge about different grape varieties and wine types, and the intricacies of selecting and tasting wines. At Team Up we also like to put the wines in context, so we will talk (passionately!) about Portugal the country, as well as its culture, its food and drink, its people, its history and its current affairs.

As well as being a sociable event, we find that this additional educational element helps to maximise the level of interest and engagement among attendees.


Wine down - This is the perfect opportunity for your team to disconnect from work and get to know each other on a deeper level. Drink eat and have fun.

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