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Escape Room + Drinks & Food At Our Bar:
What is included in Skydiving + drinks & Food:
  • Escape room experience with your team

  • And to wind down after Escape room session we will serve you high quality drinks/cocktails & Italian taglieri at our bar "H4Bar".

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What are the benefits:

Enhances Communication Skills - The basis of a performing team is good communication skills between its members. An escape room benefits team building as it forces the team members to communicate with each other under time pressure effectively.


Builds Time Management Skills - As an ongoing project at work needs to be completed before a specific timeframe, the same principle applies to an escape room. Team members tend to have different time management skills, some work well under pressure, and others don’t.

Overall, a team is comprised of a variety of characters and personalities that must fit together and work harmoniously. In an escape room situation, as the time to escape is fast ticking away, all members need to make the best of their time and make split-second decisions.


Increases Competence Sharing Awareness - When managers are assigning teams, they are, or they better should consider the individual skills of each employee. All employees have specific strong personal competencies that distinguish them from the others.

Knowing every team member’s strengths helps a team to work at its full potential. It may be possible that those qualities are not visible at the workplace, but in a stressful and at the same time fun environment, those qualities may shine.


Improves Decision-Making Capabilities - Quick and efficient decision-making is one of the most useful attributes of any team leader in a workplace.

We need to rely on people who have the confidence to make (sometimes) difficult decisions quickly, sometimes with limited information. However, it can be very difficult to practice this particular attribute.


Rather than simply providing a hypothetical scenario, escape rooms provide a realistic scenario to make that decision. Not only are they making the decisions for themselves, they may also be making decisions that will affect the rest of the team.

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